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All our files are created by professional engineers and tested in our 4x4 test bench, to get the best out of your car.



DVL chiptuning is a new company, but the people behind the scenes are certainly no strangers to the world of Automotive software. The owner of DVL chiptuning comes from a company very well known in tuning cars from the VAG group and BMW.

Audi S3/RS3/RS6, VW golf GTI/R and BMW M models used to be daily business and they came to us from all over Europe. We were ready for a new challenge and we are very passionate about what we do so we decided to leave the other company and start a new one.

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What DVL Provides

  • STAGE 1

    The Stage1 electronics is an engine management adjustment without the addition of mechanical parts, to increase power and in many cases, reduce fuel consumption.

    This setting will always be under the manufacturer's safety limits.

  • STAGE 2

    An engine management adjustment associated with a part modification made to the vehicle.

    In a diesel engine it constitutes the removal of the EGR valve and the particulate filter. In a gasoline engine, it takes into account the modification of the exhaust and/or intake line and eliminates all related failures.

  • STAGE 3

    Our stage 3 software is made for cars with upgraded turbochargers, larger injectors, water methanol injection.

    Basicly everything that cannot be done in a stage 1 and 2 tuning.

  • DSG

    DVL chiptuning has also invested a lot of time in TCU tuning. People from all over the world are using our TCU tuning in applications with very high power, even over 1000hp.

    A small sample of our TCU capabilities include torque limiter removal. This may be necessary in conjunction with chiptuning so that the gearbox can handle the extra torque. It is highly recommended to also tune the TCU if you have the ECU tuned, this way the clutch won't slip unnoticed and save big costs in the long run. It can of course also be done without.

    Below you can see how much the TCU limits on the most common gearboxes:
    DSG7 DQ200 290Nm
    DSG6 DQ250d 350Nm
    DSG6 DQ250d MQB 380Nm
    DSG6 DQ400e 400Nm
    DSG7 DL382 400Nm
    DSG7 DQ380/381 450Nm
    DSG7 DQ500 500Nm
    DSG7 DL501 500Nm

    Improve drivability. If you have complaints about shifting behavior, we can adjust the moments when the gearbox shifts up and down. Also, the shifting speeds can be optimized.
    A known problem is shifting to a (too) high gear too soon, causing the car to react slowly to the throttle. This also causes annoying vibrations due to driving too low in revs.

    We offer the following stage for TCU tuning:

    Stage 1

    Suitable for all DSG gearboxes. This type of tuning is applied in combination with chiptuning where the torque is increased beyond the maximum allowable of the standard DSG software and consists of Increasing torque limitation

    Stage 2

    This type of tuning is most often chosen if you have complaints about shifting behavior of the car and is suitable for all types of DSG. We have long experience in developing improved software for your specific DSG version. This software modification consists of:
    -Increased torque limiters and clutch pressure
    -Optimized shifting speeds
    -Maximum gearshifts speed
    -Optimized shift speed
    -No kick down in manual mode

    Stage 3

    Stage 3 is the most complete TCU tuning we offer and made specifically for cars with very high power and sometimes also have an upgrade clutch. The Stage 3 tuning consists of the following.
    -Increase torque limiting and clutch pressure
    -Optimize shifting speeds
    -Adjust maximum gearshift speed
    -Optimize shifting speed
    -No kickdown in manual mode
    -Clutch pressure
    -LC strategy
    -Upgrade clutches
    ... And much more. Contact us for your gearbox options.


    Customized ECU solutions for each car, such as:
    Vmax off
    EGR off
    DTC off
    Adblue off
    Start & Stop off
    Pops & Bangs
    Exhaust flap / Swirl flaps off
    Cat off
    DPF / GPF / OPF off
    Hotstart / Coldstart off


    We can leave a car previously reprogrammed by any brand, with the original electronics.

  • BootMod3

    Build the ultimate tune for your S55 / N55 / B48 / B46 / B58 / S58 engine and go from stock to full race calibration with a quick map flash using your laptop or our mobile app.

    Bootmod3 calibrates the factory vehicle modules over the OBD port with tuning on the car in 3 minutes and done in the convenience of your driveway or with a BMW tuner shop of your choosing! Configurable live dashboard with hundreds of datalog channels, peak recall, flashing back to stock, switching maps in just a few seconds and much more!

  • Dyno Spectrum

    The world's first real time tuning on the MED17 with flex fuel, map switching, super high speed datalogging, custom tuning.


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